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Business Planning

You already have your business idea. We will help you set up your business from the beginning, step by step and then, you will gain control through our Business Controllers support.

Corporate Image & Branding

You have a company and you want to have a good image and presence on the Internet. Our team will design your corporate image and we will perform the branding.

Digital Marketing & Advertising

You have an Internet presence, but you would like to gain visibility and be strong there. We have advanced digital marketing tools, so you can reach more people sooner.

About Us

An expert team in different business areas will help your company achieve success. Let's start!

  • Business Developers and Business Controllers
  • Corporate Image and Branding
  • Digital Marketing and Advertising
Expert Team in Business Developments, Business Control * Corporate Image and Branding * Digital Marketing and Advertising * that's what idenCODE is

Services we can offer you

We have what your company needs

Business Plan preparation

Financial Plan preparation

Create your Company

Trade your Brand

Create Website & APP

Online Marketing

Sales Management

Business Control

Our Heads Team

Jorge Sanz * CEO & Business Area

Jorge Sanz

Sr. Business Control Specialist

Over 18 years of experience in business development and now he leads our Controllers.

Ingrid Meyer * Corporate image and Branding

Ingrid Meyer

Corporate image & Branding

Ingrid has helped creating and boosting more than 10 successful brands.

Steven Ziothakis * Developments Coordinator

Steven Ziothakis

Developments Coordinator

Steven has a lot of experience delegating and coordinating all the gear pieces.

Devrontae Thomas Jr.

Sales Training Department

Devrontae has many good skills in the world of sales. Of course he is the man.

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